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up next. and another unbelievable story we're following this morning. a woman dead in a pool for two days as people continued to swim around her. there were even health inspections done at the pool during this period and still no one noticed her. now the town's mayor and health officer are trying to answer questions that everyone is asking. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts right now. 7:00 right now. let's take a look outside and see what it looks like. it looks pretty good on this first day of july. it's friday morning. glad you're with us today. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm tony perkins. there's a lot of strange news this morning. we're going to get into all of them this morning. >> we can talk a lot. let's turn it over to tucker barnes. >> we're half way through the year now. hard to believe.
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nice-looking start to the day. clear skies expected. lots of bright sunshine. you will love today's forecast. lots of quiet conditions out there. a couple clouds moving through. that's about it. some warmer temperatures towards chicago. here in washington, humidity won't start to creep up until later tonight. a good-looking forecast as we get into our holiday weekend. lots of 50s overnight. the city staying on the mild side at 69. frederick at 55 degrees. winchester at 57. there's your forecast. bright sunshine. warm this afternoon. it will be warm by 2:00 with highs in the upper 80s. more details on the forecast and a look at the weekend coming up. let's do some traffic with julie wright.
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we're starting at 395. we have delays if you continue northbound. no incidents to report now as you work northbound. you'll find a brief tapping of the breaks. the beltway in virginia slowing briefly. but check out 270. nice and clear frederick headed into germantown. before you head out this weekend, check out for the latest updates on traffic and weather from all around the region. we have interactive maps, live cameras on the traffic page. you can find that plus radar and forecasts on the weather page. you can also find out how to down load our apps and take it with you if you head out of town. our top story this friday morning. major developments in the sexual assault case against dominique strauss-kahn. he's accused of attacking a
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hotel maid in new york city. >> news broke late last night that the case against him is unraveling. there's even talk of. dropping serious charges. sarah simmons is here to talk about that. >> reporter: we have been talking about it all morning long. a lot of people didn't see this coming. two months ago dominique strauss-kahn was accused of a hotel assault. it cost him his job. and it cast a dark cloud over talks he would become the leading candidate for president in france. the associated press report prosecutors do not believe much of what the housekeeper has told them. the ap quote says a law enforcement source says investigators have come to believe that the woman lied about her activities in the hours around the alleged attack and about her own background. one official says she has repeatedly lied including
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details in her application in which she was raped. she is tied to drug dealing and money laundering. strauss-kahn's attorneys will be trying to get the bail conditions eased. he has been under armed guard after posting a $6 million cash bail in bond. the case has come under fire in france with a majority of people say he was the victim of a plot. some french politicians say the calendar should be suspended in light of this new development. but the startling news out today that's surprising a lot of people. >> we'll see what happens. >> if that case is eventually dropped or the major charges, there will be a lot of questions about how all this
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came to be. >> and how it impacted his career. big story we're following in our area. gunfire at a maryland playground. a 5-year-old pulled the trigger. it happened in hill crest heights. >> reporter: police are still trying to figure out who owns that gun, but they do believe the child got it somewhere inside his home. a witness said that it looked like the 5-year-old boyouted a smaller .22 caliber handgun when he shot that 4-year-old boy. that child was taken to children's hospital and is expected to survive. the shooting happened police say when a 5-year-old boy brought the gun to the playground. the 4-year-old boy who was shot ran back to his apartment and a neighbor called 911 and helped address the boy's wounds. police found the 5-year-old who pulled the trigger and the gun he used inside the boy's
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apartment. now neighbors can't help but think how much worse this could have been. >> there are many people who own guns who have to understand the proper storage of handguns is important. >> reporter: police have questions for the boy's parents. they are trying to figure out who the owner of the gun is. it is illegal in maryland to leave a loaded firearm in a place from where an unsupervised child could get their hands on it. so someone is going to face criminal charges. >> thank you so much. police are also investigating a deadly stabbing in high etsville.
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the shopping plaza is a popular hangout for young people and witnesses say the massive fight broke out between 25 to 30 kids. it all happened right after 7:00 last night. no word on any suspects or arrests made in the case. gunfire erupts in an attempted robbery of an armerred car leaving one suspect dead and two other suspects remain on the lose. it happened yesterday at a shopping center on michigan avenue northeast. police say an armed man approached the vehicle. one of the guards drew his weapon and fired shooting the the suspect. two other suspects drove away. the get away car was found in maryland. leslie johnson facing more than a year in prison as she pleaded guilty yesterday after her husband called on her she followed his instructions to flush a $100,000 developers check down the toilet and hid more than $79,000 in cash in
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her undergarments. she will stay on her job until she's sentenced in october. >> i look forward to continuing to serve and making a positive difference in the lives of people in need. >> jack johnson pleaded guilty to felony counts that will likely land him in prison for years. the probe of corruption in the county is not over and he expects more charges will be leveled in the future. here's another one of those talkers. we continue to follow a developing story from the airline industry. a man flew across the country on an expired boarding pass that wasn't even his. >> it gets better. after an airline caught him once, he was still able to get past the tsa a second time with an expired boarding pass and attempted to board another flight. many want to know how this
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happened. mitt mary ann rafferty has more. >> reporter: all he had was an expired pass under somebody else's name. >> it means already large gaps in security. >> reporter: on wednesday five days later law enforcement caught him trying to board another flight using a different expired pass. the search of his bag found ten expired boarding passes, none with his name. he's been charged of being a stow away and is expected in court on friday. >> our security agencies take any situation like this seriously. beyond that, i refer you to the fbi and tsa. >> reporter: the incident has raised questions about the effectiveness of screening
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procedures. >> the more you get to bar coding, the higher the level of security is going to be. >> reporter: some don't get how it could have even happened. virgin america acknowledged tha alert in new york. mary ann rafferty, fox news. an emergency landing into the water yes yesterday. this happened on maryland's eastern shore. sky fox shot this video of the plane in the water. the pilot swam away from the plane and wasn't hurt. he was the only person on board. the plane had trouble immediately after takeoff from the bay bridge airport. unbelievable story. a woman had been dead in a swimming pool for days as people continued to swim around her. now the town's mayor and health officials want answers. details coming up next. 
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we're going to rev up the tunes this morning. heading into a holiday weekend. it's friday. july 1st. the year is half gone. >> today might be the pick of the litter for the weekend.
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>> yeah. it's going to be hot and humid this weekend, but it's still going to be sunny and bright. no problems there. we might have an isolated thunderstorm on sunday, but a good-looking forecast. there are a lot of parades and outdoor activities. we'll kick it off with the 4th of july forecast. might have an isolated thunderstorm late in the day, but i can guarantee the heat and the steam will be back with highs in the 90s and the humidity levels will be significantly higher than they have been the last couple days.
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it's still unbelievably nice. 50s in the northwest. martinsburg at 59 degrees. 66 in leonardtown. 5-day forecast. 88 this afternoon. it will be on the warm side. although humidity won't start to creep back in until tomorrow when the temperatures are in the 0s. heat advisories. heat index likely to be 100 plus by sunday afternoon. >> very good. thank you. check in with julie wright. she likes it too. how is the traffic? >> it's pretty light out there. not a lot going on. this is a friday morning light. this is the time to head outdoors. if you're traveling out of town, you want to go now. the busy travel times are between noon and 6. southbound 270 when do you ever see it this clear? not hardly. the beltway looks good. no problems getting there out of college park. that's an easy drive this morning. 295 in the clear. new york avenue closed briefly. that's a check of your on time traffic. a bizarre story coming out
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of massachusetts. a medical officer said there are no answers to explain why a woman was dead in a public pool and not noticed for two days. >> they say the incident poses no health risk to the hundreds of kids who went swimming in the pool at the time. ted daniel has more. >> reporter: state environmental police on guard outside veterans memorial pool. no one is allowed inside the fence while the death of marie joseph is investigated. it's believed she drown sunday but it wasn't discovered until tuesday night. >> i thought there was no way. no way a body has been in there for two days. >> reporter: it wasn't just life guards and swimmers who failed to notice the body. at a news conference thursday, we learned fall river public health employees conducted an unrelated inspection of the pool only hours before joseph was found floating on the service. >> the only thing of note in the report is that the inspector did indicate that the pool water was cloudy.
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>> reporter: cloudy water. could that be the reason nobody saw her in the deep end. possibly, when someone drowns, their lungs fill with water and sinks. the body doesn't rise until gases form during decomposition. dr. lauren smith with the state department of health said chlorine levels were adequate and swimmers have nothing to fear. >> as disturbing it is to think about, there are no significant health risks associated with that. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, more questions than answers. why wasn't joseph ever reported missing by the friend she went to the pool with? and if a 9-year-old boy reported she went under water, why wasn't anything done? >> it seems odd and suspicious. >> should the water be that murky that you don't see anybody? that was ted daniels reporting. we'll have more later on this
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morning. young girl is recovering after a shark attack in north carolina. it happened at top sail beach on sunday. the 10-year-old girl was standing in 3 feet of water when she was attacked her mother said the shark dragged her under water. her fear was that her daughter would lose her leg. the child had several torn tendons but doctors saved the leg. one man spotted a scorpion on a flight. he grabbed it with a napkin and it stung him. two doctors on board checked the passenger's arm and medics treated him. he's doing okay this morning. coming up on this friday morning, some complaints from pregnant d.c. firefighters prompting the department to
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change their leave policy. 
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closing arguments could begin tomorrow in the casey anthony murder trial. the mom accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter did not take the stand as her lawyers rested their case yesterday. right after that, the prosecution began calling rebuttal witnesses. casey anthony faces the death penalty if convictioned of first-degree murder in the case. former boston mob boss james whitey was assigned a
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public defender yesterday. he was arrested in california last week after 16 years on the run. he had $800,000 cash on him, but that money and all his assets have been seized. he's charged with participating in 19 murders. complaints from pregnant d.c. firefighters prompting the department to change their leave policy. its current policy only allows them to take a short leave. moms claimed they were forced to use too many sick days. >> we made a change to accommodate women who were pregnant. and i must say as much as we looked at the policy, that may have been one of the things that escaped our perspective. having it brought back into focus, we just want to treat all our members equally. >> the union said the change is a step in the right direction.
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7:25 right now. steven colbert makes another appearance on capitol hill. why he wants to form a political action committee. more on that coming up. 
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what a beautiful start to the day. it's friday, july 1st. >> is this the new cold play? they have an album i forget what the song is called. >> it has a strange title to it. tucker barnes joins us here at
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the desk. >> it's nice to know he got it right. >> let's get to the forecast. we have a lot of sunshine today. yesterday and the day before, temperatures were beautiful in the 80s. low humidity. it will be a little warmer today. a few more clouds out there as we start to see some transition take place in the atmosphere. but generally, just another beautiful day. and it's friday. code orange air quality. take it easy out there. the air quality is going to deteriorate as we see hotter temperatures by tomorrow and sunday. hot and humid weekend ahead. low to mid- 90s tomorrow. upper 90s in some spots by sunday afternoon. mixing humidity. it's going to be 100 plus. we'll have some heat advisories by sunday.
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the 4th of july looks hot. could be a thunderstorm late in the day. isolated thunderstorms. most of the day should be dry with some sunshine and heat around here for. 71 at reagan national. 64 in gaithersburg. 63 in dells. satellite radar. one or two clouds start today. you can see the cloud cover across the area. off to the northwest, we got a little bit of rain shower activity and warmer air towards chicago. chicago in the upper 70s. much warmer out there. the warmer air will get in here. the thunderstorms will try to get in here, but they won't succeed until late in the weekend.
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93 tomorrow. heat sets in by tomorrow afternoon. sticks around for sunday. scattered thunderstorm back in the forecast. that's a look at your forecast. let's get to some on time traffic from julie wright. lanes are open this morning with no incidents to report. nice, easy drive. 95 looks good. 395 across the 14 street bridge. light traffic volume for this friday. no incidents to report inbound along 66. looking good in each direction traveling between the exit at canal road and continuing out
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into virginia. that's a check of your on time traffic. before you head out this weekend, check out for the latest updates on traffic and weather from all around the region. we have interactive maps on the traffic page. plus our radar and forecast on the weather page. you can also find out how to down load our apps for iphone droid and blackberry so you're always connected to fox 5 news. anthony weiner's wife is taking a break from her position. she's spending some time at an undisclosed location. anthony weiner is heading to an intensive rehab program. the congressman resigned his job earlier this month after admitting to sending racy messages to women over the internet. steven colbert took his
7:33 am
battle to form a police call committee to capitol hill yesterday and won. he was asking permission to form a super pack, which would allow him to raise unlimited funds from corporations and individuals. it would be used to support or oppose candidates in the 2012 elections. they said he could use his tv show's resources to boost his pack, but he must disclose some major expenses as enkind contributions from the corporate owners. he's used his show to shine a light on campaign finance rules allowing corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections. the federal government
7:34 am
could find itself unable to pay its bills. the rhetoric is fast and furious from both sides of the aisle. joining us to try to help us separate fact from fiction is joel powell from the bipartisan policy center. thank you for being here. should we be worried about this? >> let me say this. you're right. there's rhetoric from the 30,000-foot level. our role in this thing is to try to be the people with the facts and not tell people what to do, but to try to lay out the risks in a data-driven way so people can make more informed decisions. we hope by doing that we will enable people to understand the risks. so are we able to pinpoint a time or date? >> there's a precise date. there's little doubt about when it will be. it will be between august 2 and
7:35 am
august 10th. it's a date certain. i had the job of managing the federal debt under president bush sr. it's a real date. the government no longer has enough money to pay all their obligations. so the government could be forced to fail to honor something like 44% of all federal spending. there's no way you can cut 44% of federal spending overnight without cutting lots and lots of programs that are very popular and important. for example, you can protect all the safety programs like medicare and social security. but if you do that, you have no money for the justice department, that means to open the federal prisons and close the courts down and the fbi down and cia gets no money.
7:36 am
so any way you move it around, you lose. >> there's been talk about trying to prioritize payments at some point. is that a possibility or do you fall into the trap you laid out? >> that's what happens when you prioritize. treasury has no institutional role to honor some spending and other spending. congress says this is what you spend now go spend it. so treasury doesn't have this role, but they would be forced to pick losers. they would be forced to pick winners and losers. 56 cents on the dollar. they don't have any institutional role, but they would have no choice. >> say it came to that. how long would it take to recover from that and catch up eventually? >> it depends on how long it goes on. if it goes on for a couple day, we will not collapse. but if we go into that mode, the idea is we stay into that
7:37 am
mode until a deal is negotiated. that could take a month or more. this spending cut is the equivalent of the reduction in gdp. >> as you said the treasury wouldn't make these decision, but congress would. if you're working in the treasury, how do you prepare for this? >> i don't have any actual direct knowledge of what they are doing, but i think if you don't have legal basis to do this, but you don't have a choice. it's a forced thing. they would have to decide who to pay and not to pay. it's the last thing they want to do. >> we have seen a deadline put out of august 2nd. >> the date is certain to be some time between the 2nd and 10th. the main thing is it doesn't
7:38 am
matter the exact date. the main thing is that they tell congress in advance what the date will be. >> if the deal was struck at the last minute, would that effect anything? >> if a deal is struck, it would take two weeks to paper it up and get the laws written. that's why the president said july 22nd as the date to have the deal done. >> for the people at home that may not understand everything that goes in and all the policy and are worried about am i going to get my social security check. what would they have to worry about or what would be the concern for them as to whether or not they would or would not? >> you should be rooting for
7:39 am
their to be a good, solid agreement to cut spending and restrains future congresses and deals with this fiscal path we're on. it's no joke at this point. at the same time, the effects on the people of this country of not raising the debt limit will be very serious and felt. people should be worried. >> hopefully they can get a jump start and get it done before then. thank you for your insight. 7:39 now. 71 degrees this morning. you want to get out and enjoy your backyard but the bugs have other ideas. >> i'm walking through without any bug spray. no bites. how is that possible? 
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six flags saying thank you this weekend to our brave men and women in the military. sunday and monday active duty, retired, and disabled servicemen and women can get into six flags absolutely free. all you need is your id card. both nights will end with fireworks. thank you for your service. hope you enjoy the holiday weekend. >> that is fantastic. tucker barnes is back with good news about today really. >> going to be beautiful. we'll have high temperatures back into the 80s. it's going to be warm this afternoon. it should be dry with
7:44 am
temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s. working up the shore here a little bit, conditions look fantastic. weather temperatures in the mid- 70s. that's nice. and just looking a little further up the shore, if you're going up to new jersey towards the outer banks, saturday looks fine. should be some thunderstorms saturday and sunday in virginia beach and towards the outer banks. let's look at the bigger picture here. a lot of people traveling today. the the good news is there's nothing going down up and down the corridor. things quiet. showers towards chicago, but most of the country fairly quiet. here's your 5-day forecast. 88 this afternoon. bright sunshine. low humidity though one more day. the humidity creeps back in. hot and steamy by sunday. could be some thunderstorms late afternoon sunday and monday. >> all right. at least we ease into it.
7:45 am
let's check in with julie wright. >> we ease in. all the roads we're starting off into the sunshine. no incidents to report right now east of business 234. as you travel towards centerville, a nice and easy drive. between noon and 6 is when we're expecting to see the heaviest volume. so leave now if you plan on that holiday get away. that's a clear shot in each direction as you travel between germantown. no incidents to report between laurel and the beltway. the parkway they are checking for a crash near 202. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. summertime means a lot of time outdoors and probably a lot of time bothered by bugs.
7:46 am
>> mosquitoes and ticks aren't just a nuisance. they can be a health hazard as well. there are ways to take back your yard. >> reporter: aaron kelly is enjoying outdoor play time with his girls. something he couldn't do this time last year. >> we were getting eaten alive. >> reporter: mosquitoes were really bugging the kellies. the things that attracted he and his wife to this house, they are attracted to mosquitoes as well. >> this is absolutely number one breeding spot. they love this. >> reporter: ross knows a thing or two about tracking down
7:47 am
backyard pests. >> these are areas we also find a lot of ticks. they like compost areas. >> reporter: he's a mosquito expert. he says homeowners can take back their yard using a system. >> we want to use saucers. >> reporter: turn over planters and toys to store them. also pay attention to tarps and covers. >> if they are not pulled tight, these are areas that are going to collect water. >> reporter: toss lawn debris. that gets rid of hiding places for the pests. finally have a professional treat the perimeter of the house and yard to create a barrier. the last one is tick due. they are filled with cotton balls that are soaked.
7:48 am
>> they take the cotton back to their nest and lie in their new bed with the tick toxic and it kills the tick. >> reporter: it's made a real difference in his yard. >> now we can go outside and play with the kids. >> reporter: without being bugged anymore. it's 7:48 now. what's better on a holiday weekend than a big helping of dessert. >> holly, you have the perfect assignment today. >> reporter: if you consider making and eating a sundae that has 12 scoops of ice cream, 5 sauces, 3 cookies, fried oreos all served up in a chocolate chest and a couple pieces of cake the perfect assignment, then so be it. that is what i'm doing today. we're live in georgetown. the newest dessert destination in the city. we're here to tell you the tricks behind the treats.
7:49 am
[ mr. clopper ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does... good morning chickens!
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[ jim ] you know, that's our business so we want to be the experts in chicken. we're not the status quo. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda-process-verified programs for fresh all-natural chickens. [ jim ] this is an all-vegetarian diet, no animal by-products, no animal fat. [ joe ] we never have used steroids or hormones of any type. it's not gonna happen. [ joe ] and always raised cage free. we set our goals higher than anyone. we're trying to make a better chicken. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did and it's what we do today.
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it's going to be another hot one today. >> holly is at the new serendipity 3 to try their unique ice cream desserts. are you going to tell us about that dessert you had there? >> reporter: it's going to take us all morning to make it. that's just how big it is. it's the d.c. treasure chest. you can only get it at this location. first, i want to introduce you to russell miller. this place is so hot in terms of popularity, the line is around the block. give us a quick overview and
7:53 am
background. >> it's a brand that started in new york. it's actually a famous brand in new york. basically, the idea was that it was a decadent, over the top place you could go to get fun takes on american classics. we have great desserts. every is over the top and ridiculous as you can see on our cakes here. people line up around the corner every day to try things because they know it's going to be fantastic. >> reporter: the thing i think that's so funny is that the definition of sea reason deputy is happy accident. it's no accident we are here. we are here because we know you make good stuff. one of the signature things is the frozen hot chocolate. you have sold more than 10 million? >> yes. >> reporter: can you make one for us? >> there's milk. frozen hot chocolate blend,
7:54 am
which i can't tell you what's in it. it's a secret. and ice. >> reporter: why do you think the hot chocolate was the one thing that really caught? >> if you haven't tried it, it's hard to explain. it's all about the taste. we use 17 different flavors of cocoa powder. they are our own blend. go for it. in the end, your going to see it has the consistency of a milk shake, but it's nothing like you have ever tasted. >> reporter: you guys are serving these up left and right. >> that's the large one. if you're going to come here, you're not coming to get a small portion. >> we treat it like a milk
7:55 am
shake. it's a great beverage. >> it is super thick. >> this is like the ultimate one. as you continue to do that, the other reason we came here today is because of the d.c. treasure chest, which is a signature thing just for the d.c. location. as you continue to do that, tell me about the d.c. treasure chest like how it came to be and why. >> we wanted to have a signature dessert for the d.c. market. liz helped put that together. it's really over the top and fantastic dessert that would be everything we have. so we take a little bit of everything. we have cake, cookies, ice cream, and put it all in this amazing chocolate treasure chest. you're going to see her put it together. the idea in the end was to have a signature dessert for d.c. and demonstrate everything we can do. it's great for parties and big
7:56 am
groups. >> how are we starting? >> everything in this sundae is edible. >> yes. there's nothing inedible in it. we start with the actual treasure chest. >> there it is empty. >> then there's five sauces. do people actually order this? >> yes. we sell quite a few. about one a week. usually on the weekends. we'll have large parties come in. >> has any group actually finished it? >> no. there's the challenge.
7:57 am
you can see is our website. we have a link to their website if you want to find out more about them. in our next hour, we'll continue to build the ultimate sundae and talk more about the experience that is a happy accident. back to you. >> i guarantee i could not come close to finishing that. >> we'll have the winners of this year's barbecue battle coming up. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol.
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police are trying to figure out how a 5-year-old boy got his hands on a gun and shot his 4-year-old friend. one state is working to
8:01 am
make a requirement to teach gay history in public school. more on the legislation and the controversy that it's creating. also getting ready for the holiday weekend with a little cookout action. the winners of the barbecue battle will be with us. they will show us how to get a nice feast for the 4th. 8:00 on this friday morning. thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm tony perkins. tucker barnes is with us as well. looking forward to some barbecue this morning? >> i cannot wait. nothing says barbecue like a hot summer day. >> that's what we're going to have. this is generally speaking a good forecast. there's the satellite and radar. we have clear skies out towards cleveland. should be just fine for you as we're expecting bright sunshine for yet another day. no complaining about that. relatively low humidity. the humidity has been low.
8:02 am
one more day of that as temperatures will be on the warm side later today. nothing too extreme. 71 at reagan national. baltimore with 60 overnight. fredericksburg at 63 degrees. no complaining about temperatures. here's your forecast for today. it will be warm this afternoon. that sun is very high in the sky. so suntan lotion if you're going to be out in it. 87 degrees with sunshine. we are under a code orange air quality. >> all right. thank you. let's check with julie and get a look at traffic. >> hey, guys. this is the accident activity. as you work towards the 3rd street tunnel, it has traffic getting by in the two left lanes only. ambulance is still on the scene as you travel inbound new york avenue. expect big delays. no incidents to report along
8:03 am
the parkway. a little fender at 202 was on the ramp, so all the lanes remain open. southbound 270 light traffic volume. 124 at cedrick. trouble with the signal light. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. our top story at 8. the case against dominique strauss- kahn appears to be falling apart. the new york times and associated press report investigators have uncovered major holes in the credibility of the housekeeper who has accused the former head of the international monetary fund of sexual assault. they point to inconsistencies in her story about the attack and details contained in her asylum application and possible links to drug dealers and money lawn laundering. an alarming reminder to all who keep guns inside their home
8:04 am
after a small child shot another small child on a local playground. sherri ly is on the story this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police are still trying to figure out who owns the gun that a 5-year-old boy used to shoot a 4-year-old boy on the playground. they do believe that the child got the gun from his home. the shooting happened at an apartment complex on 23rd parkway in hill crest heights. the boy brought the gun to the playground yesterday afternoon. the 4-year-old was shot in the upper torso and the bullet went through. he was taken to children's hospital. the wound not life threatening. witnesses say the gun looked to be a smaller .22 caliber handgun. they found the young shooter and gun in his apartment. the 4-year-old ran back to his apartment where a neighbor called 911. >> we just heard the big boom.
8:05 am
i took him upstairs and cleaned the wound. >> reporter: it is a crime in maryland to believe a loaded firearm in a place where an unsupervised child under the age of 16 could get their hands on it. police say it is almost certain someone will face criminal charges. they just have to figure out who the owner of that gun is. that's the latest here. back to you. police are also investigating a deadly stabbing. one person was killed and two others were hurt. it happened shortly after 7:00 last night during what witnesses described as a massive fight between 30 kids. no word on any suspects or arrests made in the case. an update on the corruption scandal. leslie johnson now facing more than a year in prison after
8:06 am
pleading guilty yesterday admitting that when her husband jack johnson called on her, she followed his instructions to flush a $100,000 check from a developer down the toilet and hid more than $79,000 in cash in her undergarments. she said she plans to stay on the job until she's sentenced in october. new this morning, a federal report criticizes metros board of directors essentially for micromanagerring. the government accountability office found the board is too concerned with day-to-day tasks instead of strategic plans. and there's a lack of clarity about the roles of the board and individual board members. the board has 16 seats, four each for the district. he's an actor turned activist. gary sanesp will be a guest.
8:07 am
we'll talk with her about the new foundation that he's creating to help support the troops. some of the national parks you may head out to could be at risk. we'll take a look at a new study that uncovered disturbing information. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
8:08 am
8:09 am
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8:10 am
here's a look at our stories making headlines. two suspects connected to an attempted robbery of an armored truck remain on the lose. a third suspect was killed when at least one of the vehicle's guards shot him. a get away car was found in capitol heights. fire officials report the elevator at the washington monument remains out of service today. it broke down yesterday evening. firefighters had to bring it down manually to free the passengers inside. people at the top had to walk down the stairs of the monument. the walk up and down will be
8:11 am
the order of the day people visiting today. firefighters in new mexico are confident they have stopped the wild fire from getting any closer to the nuclear laboratory. for a few days, firefighters have been setting intentional fires to brush around the lab and the nearby town as a way to contain the larger fire. thousands who evacuated won't be allowed back home until monday at the earliest. let's check in with tucker barnes for a look at our weather for the weekend. >> my first 5 photo of the day. let's take a look. this is 2-year-old ariel looking pretty in pink. what a smile. she looks very happy for the
8:12 am
holiday weekend. go to to click on mornings to get your child featured. lots of sunshine in the forecast later today. that will make you smile as we're expecting quiet conditions out there. outdoor plans tonight no problems at all. do want to mention we have a code orange air quality for the district and surrounding counties. much of the area not under code orange, but as we get into the weekend, the air quality is going to deteriorate as we'll be on the hot and humid side. tomorrow afternoon temperatures back into the 90s saturday and sunday. monday it will be hot and humid with the possibility of a thunderstorm. 75 now. that's an update.
8:13 am
74 in annapolis. 70 in gaithersburg. lots of 50s overnight. temperatures jumping quickly with the sunshine. here is your 5-day forecast. 88 this afternoon. bright sunshine. one or two clouds moving on through. humidity starts to creep up overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow. 93 tomorrow afternoon. down right hot and humid. the heat index will be pushing 100. low 90s with a chance of an isolated thunderstorm late in the day. let's look a the your weather forecast. and traffic forecast. >> i heard this a few minutes ago. tony will do the canon ball off the high dive. >> good luck with that one. >> is he even listening to
8:14 am
that? lanes are open on 270. lanes are open inbound from eastern. inbound new york at new jersey avenue. we have accident activity. traffic is able to get by using to the left lanes. that's a check of your on time traffic. a 0 tolerance law now in effect in virginia when it comes to underage drinkers behind the wheel. virginia's 0 tolerance policy goes into effect today. anyone 21 or younger convicted of dui will have their license suspended for a year and a fine of $500 or 50 hours of community service. 543 young people between 5 and 19 were hurt in alcohol-related crashes last year in virginia. if you're heading to points north this weekend, you might find relief at the toll plaza. the toll along i-95 testing new highway speed lanes. there will be two high speed lanes in each direction.
8:15 am
that way pass holders can pay tolls without having to slow down. 55% of drivers now are using easy pass. congress will cut their holiday short to work on the debt ceiling. the president has laid out his troop withdrawal from afghanistan. these are two topics this week. first, let's talk about congress and what they have in front of them. they don't get the holiday this time around. you have one senator in to talk about it. >> we'll have john cornyn, a republican out of texas. he's going to join us to talk about how they move closer at the negotiating table. the senate is cutting their 4th of july recess short. we're going to talk to him about whether there's any room for negotiation and the fact he
8:16 am
has a position that may slip him from the leadership. it will be interesting to see how he comes down on tax loopholes and whether that counts as adding revenue. he will be exclusive with us on sunday. >> that's interesting. they have been holding together on that. let's talk about afghanistan. you'll be focusing on that as well. >> we're going to have two senators from the armed services committee. joe leiberman from connecticut and lindsey graham from south carolina. they are going to be traveling overseas. we'll check in with them live from the middle east to talk about the president's withdrawal plan he's announced. we have new polls on that and how people feel about it. especially in light of the attack in kabul earlier this week. also libya as well. and whether the president has done a good enough job justifying why we're there. >> also you have a guest who is
8:17 am
a great guy. an actor who has done so much for our troops. >> gary sinise. he's on csi. but the most important role it seems like for him is the fact he's out there serving our troops. he comes from a family with a lot of military connections. he works tirelessly to make sure our troops and families feel appreciated. we're going to sit down and talk to him about what he's doing. >> all right. we look forward to seeing you on sunday. thank you. >> if there's any video of your canon ball, i'd like to see that. >> there's no video. >> shannon, for you we'll do it. >> fox news sunday airs here at 9 a.m. sunday morning. 8:17 this morning. should the history of the gay movement be taught in schools? that's the focus of a piece of
8:18 am
legislation being pushed through one legislature. 
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
a security breech is raising major questions about airline screening procedures. last week a nigerian man was able to board a virgin america flight at jfk using another passenger's boarding pass. he was found sitting in a seat that was supposed to be empty. the man is charged with being a stow away and is set to appear in court today. days after he landed in l. a., he was caught trying to board an atlanta-bound flight on delta with another expired boarding pass. a search of his bags found ten expired boarding passes, none with his name. there's a controversial proposal making its way through the california legislature. if approved, the state would require the teaching of gay history in social studies in public schools. some supporters are comparing it to the study of the civil
8:22 am
rights movement. some say it will expose kids to a subject some parents find objectable. >> we should not be afraid to teach our children of the broad diversity of human experience. >> in the past, history taught about what people did and accomplished. it didn't focus on their sexuality. it's california tax dollars. it demeans people and their relationships. >> the bill is widely expected to become law. it's 8:22 on this friday morning. the holiday weekend may have some of you heading to our national parks. your favorite park could be at risk. surprising details from a new report that has a lot of folks worried this morning. we'll talk with an expert about it coming up. 
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:25 right now. if you're heading to the bay bridge, here's a look at what's happening. great time to head to the eastern shore and check out the beaches in maryland and delaware if you get the chance. >> i'm not a big lady gaga song, but this one is my favorite. just dance. we love this story. check this out. the atm receipt that's gone viral. the balance just shy of $100 million somebody picked this up after it was disguarded in the hampton. >> they believe it belongs to a hedge fund manager. look closely at it. he has $99 million in his checking account.
8:27 am
still had to pay a $2.75 for withdrawing his money. >> you nailed it earlier. the financial wiz that we have here. who has $100 million and wants to keep it in an account that has 2.5% interest. >> that's not good money management. >> two things here. first of all, you're throwing your receipt on the ground. also he must have just shifted the money from another account. but if you're in the bank, you're charging a guy with $100 million a little $2.75 to take money out. >> he probably doesn't have an issue because he probably owns the bank. we just took a live shot at sandy point. forecast for the beaches
8:28 am
couldn't be better for the 4th of july. we'll have plenty of sunshine. hot temperatures. let's go to your live shot. and as we get into the afternoon hours, it's going to be on the warm side. highs in the 80s. but we're not expecting any shower and or thunderstorm activity for the next couple days. here's your beach forecast. ocean city nice-looking day tomorrow. it will be humid by sunday with highs in the upper 80s. could be a late-day thunderstorm both sunday and monday in ocean city. a better chance on sunday. bethany beach looks fantastic. late day thunderstorm on sunday. check out the water temperature. 74 degrees. mid-70s at the beaches. the water temperatures have warmed up nicely. it should be ideal conditions to get away to get down to the beach this weekend. you're in fine shape. this is going to be a good 4th
8:29 am
of july weekend. 72 in gaithersburg. holding tight off to the northwest. 64 in martinsburg. we had lows this morning in the 50s off to the northwest. i suspect those will be some of our coolest temperatures we're going to see the month of july. really nice start to the day. a few clouds moving through during the early morning hours. not much to show you. the satellite and radar are quiet. that air will get in here with a frontal system late in the day. it's high pressure. the winds will start to shift. the humidity will stay in check today. as we get into tomorrow and sunday, the humidity will start to creep up. hot and humid conditions by sunday. there's your 5-day forecast. 88 this afternoon. not as cool overnight. 68 overnight. sunday highest in the 90s. heat indexes pushing 100 plus.
8:30 am
that's a look at your forecast. let's toss it to julie. i'm packing. i have my bucket and my pail. i almost have my cooler ready. are we there yet? >> i hope the suntan lotion. >> i got that too. hopefully plenty of parents have patience because later on today is when we're anticipating the busy ride between noon and 6:00 this afternoon. we're anticipating heavier than usual volume delays on the bridge and 95 head north. southbound 95 towards richmond and continuing towards the virginia beach area. this is the commute right now on 50 coming off the eastern shore towards the bay bridge. volume there increasing, but no incidents reported. this is the northbound side of i-95. as you travel north, look underneath the overpass. activity is tieing up the right side of the roadway. that's why it's slow early. we pretty much have a nice
8:31 am
clear shot, but now we have an accident blocking the right side. we'll continue with one more camera inbound. the incident at new jersey avenue cleared. delays tacking on time as you travel in from west virginia. some of you might be planning to spend some quality time with mother nature this summer. but you might be surprised to know some of the national parks are at risk. this according to a new report released by the national parks conservation association. joining us now is an expert from the conservation association. >> we found they are not in the best of health. over 60% of the parks have significant air quality problems. you go into the park and you can't see the vista you were there to see. 95% of the parks lost a plant or animal species that's no
8:32 am
longer there. so we're deeply concerned about that. the parks are in jeopardy. i will point out there were a number of great success stories. some places where if we had given the funding, we have been able to restore the parks. especially some of the cultural resources and historic places. a lot of problems and concerns, but some reason for hope. >> it shows it takes some effort to make sure everything stays where you want it to be. let's go back to what you found with some of the surprising statistics. we talked about the species that are leaving us. why is it happening and what can we do to reverse that? >> the threats to national parks are many. there's water pollution from outside the park. we have some parks that have some land adjacent to the parks that's being developed. so there's mostly threat outside of the national parks.
8:33 am
what needs to happen is a couple different things. we're calling on president obama to lead a 5-year effort as we're approaching the 100th anniversary of our national parks. so we have five years to enhance and restore our national parks. they are ready for more years. we're looking for americans to get involved. go visit the parks. volunteer in the parks. get involved. tell your member of congress that you love these places and want them protected. >> there's a couple in the city we don't think about. we have national parks. you can go anywhere. not that far away. how are these doing compared to the national average? are we better or worse? >> unfortunately the national parks around washington d.c. face many of the threats that the parks throughout the country do. they have not been able to protect some of the resources
8:34 am
and tell some of the stories. the national mall needs significant funding. there's a partnership just beginning there. we need the congressional funding and we need individual americans to get involved. >> what's the best way for somebody to get started if they want to help and try to preserve these? >> send a letter to your congress and get involved. figure out a way to volunteer. the best place to start is go visit the park. get reinspired. have time with your family and enjoy the place. that will get you excited. then you can get involved. it's now our responsibility. >> with some of these places, that's a start. explore the other ones.
8:35 am
until you get there and see it and you're blown away by nature, you get the appreciation a lot more. >> you have to get there. then you have a chance to reconnect with your family and also with what it means to be an american. the parks are america's best idea. they tell the american story. we need to protect them and do a better job than we've been doing. we need president obama to help lead the country in the 5 years leading up to the centennial? >> are people still going to see the parks or is that number dipping? >> since the economy has slowed down, people are coming back to the national parks. we think it should come up a lot more as we're approaching the centennial and hope the administration can lead the way in setting the right policies and help protect our national parks. >> we appreciate the information. we'll put links at
8:36 am
thank you. on this friday morning, first the nfl and now the nba. the latest on the lockout that kicked in at midnight. 
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
the nba is now on lockout. players and owners failed to reach a new deal. owners say they are losing money. the lockout already puts next season in jeopardy. >> i think our fans will tend to have a negative effect of why can't you just work this out? we just want our basketball. i don't expect anything good to come out of this. this is just what happens in labor disputes when there are lockouts and strikes. >> already changes being made. the summer league in las vegas has been canceled. this is believed to be only the second time that two proleagues have been shut down at the same time because of labor problems. the prince william and kate
8:40 am
had their first trip overseas yesterday. the prince reviewed members of the canadian military. the royal couple has nine days in the country participating in a number of activities. then they head to los angeles to host a gala dinner. >> this will be the princess' first time in the u.s. >> it's going to be crazy in los angeles. it's 8:40 now on this friday morning. we have food on the brain. great stuff to show you. look at that. bring that back inside. we're going to share it just in time for the holiday. we are going to fire up the grill with the grand champion winners of this year's barbecue battle. they share their secret to a great cookout. 
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
the pork barrel barbecue here in d.c. got first place in the chicken contest at the 19th annual safeway barbecue battle this year. joining us now is the cofounder of pork barrel barbecue. congratulations. >> thank you. >> this is a big deal. and this is a big trophy. this is the first place trophy. you must be thrilled. >> it was an awesome opportunity. this was the first contest we cooked here at home. to come back two years later
8:45 am
and win first place. also we won grand champion overall. you think that's a big trophy. the grand champion is about 7- foot tall. >> now you did chicken. that's what you're doing for us today. we are going to smell like chicken. >> let me take care of this for you. we have a chicken quarter. you have just the regular olive oil, which is two or three presses in. we have our pork barrel spice rub. we're just going to sprinkle a little bit of that on there. you can get this at whole foods. a lot of places here in d.c.
8:46 am
then we're going to put that on the grill. we're going to get a lot of smoke here. that means we're cooking. so basically, this is what it's going to look like after about 30 or 45 minutes. then we're going to take our sauce. this is our original sauce. it was voted the best sauce in the nation last year by men's health magazine. it's really important not to put sauce on too early. there's sugars in there and they will burn. you want to do that in the last 15 or so minutes of cooking. you want to do this two three times. we usually do it three times in the last 15 minutes. >> do you turn the chicken at all? >> i first put it on the front side to get it crispy. then i flip it once. then i just leave it for the rest of the cooking process. then these here are done. we already have a couple off the grill here. i will put the lid back on. >> i cannot tell you how good it smells. >> that's going to be your
8:47 am
final product. chicken is not good by itself. let's make some more stuff. a little bit of the grilled corn. i grilled that up last night. this is something you can do if you're grilling on the weekend. grill a few extra ears of corn. save it for later in the week. then this is a little bit of vinaigrette. it's olive oil, lime juice, lime zest, black pepper, and salt. we're going to dress that. we're just going to dig in here and stir it all up. how about we get you a plate of some stuff. you can get these recipes on our website. if you have questions, you can always e-mail us. >> we have all kinds of guests
8:48 am
on this show. you come and bring barbecue and we smell like chicken. look who we have attracted. we have women walking up to us. >> it's got to be this. >> you guys sent me some of this. this is a new cologne. >> it's called q. >> it's a bouquet of spices, smoked meat. the first barbecue fragrance. >> it smells great. you don't want to wear it though. unless you're going to smell like a barbecue walking around. >> you want to make the chicken come out at about 165 degrees. this is the best thermometer you can buy. they are about $100, but they will last you forever. >> you know how good this is?
8:49 am
that is good. thank you very much. pork barrel barbecue. congratulations on the the prizes. it's well worth it. go out and get some barbecue for the weekend. both women ran away. we'll be back with more after this. >> wait. we're going to go to steve. now that we have had barbecue, it's time for dessert. holly morris, when you do things, you do them big. you're definitely doing this one big this morning. >> reporter: go big or go home. that's how i live my life. i'm doing it with a dessert. we're live at serendipity. people have discovered it as the line indicates. it's often around the block. if you haven't, you need to
8:50 am
make time and come stand in that line and come in and indulge. we're hanging here this morning with russell miller. we also have the pastry chef with us this morning. last hour we did the frozen hot chocolate. give me an idea of how popular that is. >> we sell over 300 a day now. we run through them. >> reporter: now go get the scoop. we're now going to learn how to make your most popular sundae. >> the fried or owe sundae. it's really good. >> reporter: the fried oreo sundae. >> we have hot fudge, fried oreos, marshmallows, cookies and cream ice cream and cherries. >> reporter: this whole fried oreo thing, wasn't that done at like a texas state fair thing?
8:51 am
and these are corn flakes? >> yeah. it's dipped in corn flakes and we fry them. >> reporter: so go ahead. look at that. right on cue. russell is back with the ice cream. why do you think this one is so popular? >> because of the fried oreos. >> reporter: you know what i love about your sundaes? you put sauce in first. >> yeah. you have it on the top and bottom. you're not at the bottom with no sauce. >> reporter: that's genous there. serendipity. that name is known well. a lot of celebrities go there in new york. >> i don't want to kiss and tell, but we have had a few in here already. >> reporter: you can kiss and
8:52 am
tell my name all the time. no i'm kidding. i want to pick your brain here as you're making this sundae. the key to a good sundae. you want it compact? >> no. it's kind of compact with the sauces and toppings. the toppings are overflowing. >> reporter: so you want room to scoop in there and get all the goodness as well. i see there's no small portion when it comes to serendipity. you should come here with your closest friends. >> come here and ready to indulge. >> reporter: you know what i love? it's just falling over the glass and that's part of the fun. >> absolutely. nothing is neat and clean, but that's the way we want it. >> reporter: everything is topped off with whipped cream because everything is better with whipped cream. we have about a minute left. the other big project is the
8:53 am
d.c. treasure chest. it's the $77 sundae only found here at serendipity. so last we left you, we put the sauce in the bottom. >> now we're going to fill it with ace cream. >> reporter: how many scoops? >> it gets 12 scoops of ice cream. it's typically three different ice creams. for now we're just going to use
8:54 am
this one. >> reporter: through the magic of television we will have all flavors in our final product. >> chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, and strawberry. >> reporter: who said this was only good for 4 to 6 people? >> i don't know, but it's really a group dessert. >> reporter: is our website. we have a link to serendipity here in georgetown. in our next hour, we're going to go to the street and see if we can find some people that might want to come in and tackle this wonderful dessert. and i'm going to tell you how you can win one of these d.c. treats for free. >> i just did the math. you only have to run three marathons to work it off. thank you. today d.c. is honoring a man who helped to satisfy our sweet tooth in another way. we're talking about wally amos. he's with us next hour.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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they were the only undefeated team in the county. if you'd like to be monday's fan of the day, find us on facebook. then post a comment under dallas' photo. that's it for this hour. have yourself a great friday and weekend. let's turn things over to tony and sarah. here's a look at the stories we're following for the 9:00 hour of fox 5 morning news. >> big developments in the criminal case surrounding dominique strauss-kahn. there are reports that the prosecution's case is falling apart. it was determined that the woman accusing him of attempted rape lied about some of her activities in the hours around the alleged attack. then the country was
8:59 am
shocked to hear a woman's body was at the bottom of a public pool for two days. life guards didn't notice. swimmers didn't notice. now we're learning city health inspectors didn't notice either. federal authorities on one airline are trying to explain how a manmade it on to a flight with an invalid boarding pass. i'm mary ann rafferty. that story is coming up. he's known for his season on the king of queens. his comedy is coming to the area. he's going to join us in studio for some laughs this hour. first, want to get a look at the holiday weekend weather. >> good morning. tucker barnes is downstairs in the weather center with a look ahead at the weekend. >> good morning. we're talking fabulous weather once again today. starting to get used to it. temperatures in the

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